Your Website Must Bring You Business!

Make your website bring you business!  It is imperative that you design your website so it brings attention to you if you want to succeed!

A website must immediately grab the attention of the visitor because most people that will visit your website are looking for a solution to a problem.  You need to be able to show you have the capability to solve that problem within seconds!

That being said, your website has to be professional looking and efficient.  The lookers want to see an attractive site but they are looking for answers so you need to provide a capability statement.  Make your visitors want to learn more about you and your business!

Here are some valuable tips that I found from Charles Peterson.

Valuable Tips for Bringing About Improvements in Your Website Design  

by Charles Peterson

“The colors, designs, graphics and fonts used in your website design can make a world of difference between success and failure. Whereas a carefully planned website design Cairns can attract high conversion and low exit and bounce rates, a badly designed web presence can mean low sales and high rates of abandonment.”

Logo: You need to have a carefully chosen logo in place and make sure that you highlight the same on a very prominent place on your homepage and other embedded links.

Intuitive navigation: You must remember to have your primary navigation links on the menu.

Remove all clutter: Don’t give your visitor too many options.

Keep Textual content short: Another vital tip for streamlining pages is linked with keeping the textual matter specific and short.

Provide room to breathe: Having enough breathing space around paragraphs and images allow your guests to absorb all the essential features and relax as they go through your website

To read the complete article about all the tips please click here.

I’ll be presenting you with more tips and options to create a good website so be sure to come back soon!