Your Strength Might Be Hidden In Something That You Find Challenging!

Some people may find this hard to believe, but everybody in this world is good at something. Yeah; I mean everybody!  I believe that God does not make mistakes!  There are those that face greater challenges than the most of us but each of us has a gift.  Our challenge is to find it and discover what our strengths are!

Your strength could be your artistic hand or eloquence in speech or you might be a gifted athlete.  Chances are you might still be looking.COMMUNICATION-CONNECTION

I was lucky!  When I was a youngster; I really struggled in math and I felt like I was dumb!  Not a good way to tackle a problem and my self esteem was really low.

In the sixth grade I had a teacher that had a real impact upon me and my life.

One afternoon he asked if I could stay after school because he would like to meet with me.

Whooah!  This is not something you can just blow off.  I spent the rest of the afternoon dreading what our meeting was about.

After everybody had left he smiled and sat across from me and said “Look son; I know that you are not a dummy but I can see that you are struggling with mathematics.”

I looked at the floor and nodded my head and said something along the lines of “I just can’t get the figures right and I get confused.  I study hard but it’s just hard for me!”

He said “math is hard for a lot of people and if you don’t mind I would like to work with you after school”.

I eagerly said “I would really like that!”

He said “my buddy the athletic coach is a wiz at math and he has volunteered to help us.”

“Wow I thought; how great is that!” I readily agreed and I spent the rest of the year with both guys working with me.

They told me that math is like a mystery; a who done it.  X is the culprit and we have to hunt him down!

My grades improved and math became one of my favorite subjects.  As my mentors told me “math is one of those subjects that is right or wrong answers; there are no gray areas.

I still struggled through high school and it wasn’t until after college that I found that I had dyslexia.  That’s why the numbers always appeared funny but I was able to deal with it.  It took me longer than the rest of the group in accomplishing some tasks but in knowing my weakness it had become one of my strengths.

I ended up excelling in math and it is one of the reasons that I went into the construction business because like math construction is one of those fields where you are either right or wrong.  Like my mentors taught me you  never settle for being wrong!

As the years passed I was able to develop the skill of doing math in my head faster than most people can do it using a calculator.

My wife laughs at me because on long trips I do math problems in my head to stay awake when I’m driving.

My advice to you is; in your search for finding your strength; don’t back away from something just because it’s hard or it is challenging.  Your strength might lie within something that challenges you!  I believe there is a saying that says “if it doesn’t kill you it is only going to make you stronger!”  I believe this is true!

I was luckier than a lot of people because I had a couple of teachers that took an interest and helped me.  They went the extra mile.  I know it would have been easy for them to write me off as being slow but they didn’t; and I am forever grateful!

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