What’s Your Brand? You Need To Get One If You Are Serious About Success!

What is your brand?  Do you have one?  You need to create one if you do not have one especially if you are serious about being successful in your business!  936501_1st_place

You need a logo or sign that sets your company apart from the rest of the companies in your industry?  If not; how is anybody supposed to know anything about you?

If you are proud of your company you need to show it!  You don’t have to shout from the roof tops but you need to do something that shows you take pride in your company and you want to let people know who you are and what you are about!

I am going to share a story about a young man that I had the good fortune to call a friend.  His name is Terry C. and he has retired a few years ago while still a very young man.

His parents were both success driven, they were hard workers that believed you could make be successful  by following the American way of life and striving to be the best you can.  He lost his father way too early but not before his dad instilled the value of a good reputation and good work ethics into his son.  Mom was in the banking industry and knew the value of money and the value of good credit.

Like most moms she did whatever possible to help him grow into a good man.  After graduating from High School he decided to enter the construction industry.   With the help from his mom he was able to borrow enough money to buy a backhoe and a small dump truck.

Through friends of his dad he had learned the finer techniques of handling the backhoe so when he obtained his contracting license he was ready to move into the industry not as a rookie but as a pro!

From the very beginning he decided that he wanted to stand out from the rest of the backhoe contractors so he did something that raised a few eye brows among his competitors.  He painted all his equipment black; anything that wasn’t black was treated to a silver chrome finish.  When he entered a job site you knew he was on the job!

Many of his competitors laughed and told him that after a couple of hours you would never be able to tell that his equipment was pretty but he would just smile and tell them that they would know and sooner or later the big boys would know he was there.

I was able to watch him in his operation and it was impressive because at the end of the day he would take his truck and his equipment to have it washed so when he entered the job site the next day everybody saw his shiny backhoe and his shiny black and chrome equipment.

It soon became known that if you needed somebody to do quality work you needed to call Terry C.  He was an artist with his backhoe!  I sincerely believe that he could peel a hard boiled egg with the bucket of his backhoe!

His reputation and company quickly grew along with his bank account!  I watched and enjoyed his success and I have to admit I was also proud of the kid!

His colors and his equipment became his brand!  All his vehicles were black trimmed in chrome.   All his vehicles were painted BIack and silver.  On one of his birthdays his wife gave him a black toilet seat trimmed with chrome.  What else do you get for a guy that has and can afford anything?

Too make a long story short; during the early 80s the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, AZ was being flooded because of an enormous amount of rainfall.  The Phoenix area was declared a disaster area and it was imperative that the airport stay open and operational.

The company that was in charge of keeping the different runways open called in companies from all over the state and one of the first people that they called was Terry.  They knew that Terry and his crews would work around the clock to keep the airport operational.  The big thing was as far as the government was concerned; money was no problem!

Shortly after the Airport disaster Terry decided that he had enough.  He had set a goal when he first began his business and knew how much money he wanted to set aside for retirement.  (I relayed this tactic in another article!)

 He closed his business and moved back East and bought a farm.  The last I heard he has kicked back and is enjoying the good life; he had a place by a big lake and was doing a lot of fishing!

Terry is the perfect example of an entrepreneur that knew his business, set a goal, knew where he was going and with good work ethics was able to follow his dreams!

So what about you and your company?

  • Are you taking steps to set yourself apart from your competitors?
  • Does anybody know when you are on a project?
  • Are you one of the “go to companies” that people seek when it is imperative that the best be on the job?

 If not; you need to take steps to correct this situation!  Establishing a brand is one of the best success tactics that you can use for ultimate success!

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