What is your highest level of competency?

What is your highest level of competency?  Have you ever really considered this question? The fact is; we all have areas where are exceptional but we also have areas where we are not as efficient as we wish we were.  Lift weight

You might be genius level when it comes to working with computers but you find you cannot use a simple left handed screwdriver!  Yeah; I know that my example is a bit of a stretch but you get the drift.

I believe that we are all born with our own personal gifts and the successful people are able to identify those gifts and then are able to capitalize on them.   The rest of us are left with the task to find how we can survive.

There are some individuals that will say some people are born with disabilities and extreme challenges but everybody was put here for a reason.  I believe that God does not make mistakes!  Everywhere you can find some people crying “why me Lord?”  While in other areas you will find winners saying “try me Lord!”  But this is a subject for another time.

Getting back to my original question about where your highest level of competence lies you need to understand that we all will reach a level when we no longer work competently and we begin to struggle with some tasks.   At this point you need to have enough common sense to call in a person that can do what you cannot.

A good success strategy is to do a self analysis and determine the areas where you are exceptional and those areas where you are weak.  Once this is done you should make a decision about working on your weak areas or asking for help.

Most people believe that you should concentrate on your strengths and have others cover your weak areas.  I believe this is a decision that only you can make but the important thing is to recognize your weak areas and take the appropriate steps to make sure they are covered.

The competency issue is reflected in many companies.  I see this in companies that are extremely competitive and make a lot of money in smaller projects but once they enter an arena where more expertise is needed they stumble badly.  This causes a lot of frustration and if the management does not recognize the issues and deal with them promptly it leads to real problems.

Competency becomes a problem when the man in charge fails to recognize his shortcomings and over reaches his capabilities.  It becomes a severe problem when he tries to blame everybody else for the problems that arise.  If his mistakes are not corrected the problems could end up in litigation.  His arrogance and ignorance could lead to the company’s demise.

A wise man once said “a man should know his limitations” and this wisdom also applies to companies.  You should always strive to stretch your capabilities but do it within reason.  Realize that as you stretch and extend yourself you strengthen your abilities.

Become a student of your industry.  Learn as much as you can and see what it does to add to your success!

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