Want More Tips To Get Government Projects?

One of the sources that I have listed on my Resource Page is Journyx.  You can find them at www.journyx.com.

They are a very good resource if you are looking to do business with the Federal Government.  They are a consulting firm that can probably help you in many ways!

Check them out!  They may be able to help you be more successful in your dealings with the government.

They published a report that  I believe you will find interesting.

Seven Steps to Obtain the Defense Contract

 The competition for winning a U.S. Government contract right now is as intense as ever. What are you doing to set your business up for success?

Written by Dr. Laura Faulkner with Curt Finch, this white paper will help you boost your opportunities to win more government contracts. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Avoid the “Scattershot Approach”
  2. Endear Yourself to the Program Manager
  3. Determine Your Capabilities
  4. Make Everyone Look Like a Rockstar
  5. Maintain Flexibility
  6. Use a Short Pitch
  7. Nail DCAA Compliance
You can download the whole report byClicking Here!  Seven_Steps_to_Obtain_the_Defense_Contract_Final_Version (1) (1)

About the Author

Dr. Laura Faulkner, PhD., is a Strategist at FalconDay Consulting & Research. She formerly served as Program Manager and Principal Investigator of multiple Department of Defense and industry projects at the Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas at Austin.


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