Use Imagination And Perceived Image To Propel You To Success

In the everyday course of business events you meet strangers and they may or may not become part of your business circle.  When you meet somebody new; one of the first questions that comes to mind is “who are you?”  The flippant answer that comes to mind is “what you see is what you get!”

This is not necessarily true!  What is seen by the observer is what is allowed to be seen.   The truth behind the image is up to the person presenting the image; the person observing doesn’t really know.

Perspective is reality only to those that want to believe what they see!

Everybody knows that magic tricks are only illusions but in real life the question that comes to mind is how many times in a day do we encounter things that are not necessarily real?

You meet a person for the first time and whether you want to or not you will make some kind of judgment.   This is usually referred to as a prejudice because you are prejudging associated with your past experience.  Your judgment may be right or it may be wrong and only time will tell but the point is you made a snap judgment.

I am constantly amused and amazed by people and their prejudices and prejudgments.   The fact remains that this is a way that most people act whether they want to admit it or not.

This practice is common and true even in the business world.  People tend to make snap judgments about the people they meet every day.

We are in the information age and the economy and the recession has caused businesses to change the way they do business.   Companies have had to downsize in order to stay competitive; efficiency is the rule of survival.  Technology and communication are the main components of the way business is done and the way it will be done in the future.

This opens the door for virtual reality and virtual businesses!

Become a student and learn the art of being a virtual entrepreneur.  By using all the available technology and knowledge you can compete with the larger companies or work with them in joint ventures.  Your potential is limited only by your imagination and your ability to use the technology that exists and is being developed.

You may be a small company but by using the technology available you can present yourself to be a larger firm than you are.  Using virtual offices and virtual assistances you can cut your overhead substantially and still perform the services and skills of the larger companies.

Do you remember how the “Wizard Of Oz” and how he projected himself to be bigger and more powerful than he was?  The same principle applies here but please be warned to only project what you can deliver!  There are no second chances to nonperformance.  Do not use this tactic to scam anybody!

These skills will be presented in later articles.

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