Tornado Season Can Be An Opportunity For You!

Each year the United States has a tornado season and the damage is devastating to those areas that are hit by the storms. It is heart breaking to see the families that are the victims of the storms and they definitely need help.

FEMA, the SBA and others branches try to help the victims as quickly as possible. Needless to say the local contractors pitch in to help their friends and neighbors but the questions that comes to mind is:

*Is more help needed?
* Is this a potential opportunity for contractors outside the immediate area of the storms?
*Is this an opportunity that you should consider?

My research shows that the tornado system began on

“On January 1, the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) began highlighting the potential for severe weather across portions of the central Gulf Coast and lower Mississippi Valley.[4] The following day, the pre-existing Marginal risk was upgraded to a Slight risk across southeastern Louisiana, southeastern Mississippi, and southwestern Alabama.[5] On January 3, the combination of high dewpoints, marginal instability, and strong wind shear allowed for the development of supercells across central and southern Mississippi, where an Enhanced risk was briefly introduced.[6] An EF2 tornado touched down west of Rose Hill, Mississippi, causing significant damage, while several other tornadoes were recorded. Activity spread eastward on January 4, with a second EF2 tornado causing substantial damage north of Dozier, Alabama. we can expect another severe season of tornadoes.” 

You can read the full report by clicking here.:

Disaster Assistance Available from FEMA
Housing Needs
• Temporary Housing (a place to live for a limited period of time): Money is available to rent a different place to live, or a government provided housing unit when rental properties are not available. Search for information about housing rental resources.
• Repair: Money is available to homeowners to repair damage from the disaster to their primary residence that is not covered by insurance. The goal is to make the damaged home safe, sanitary, and functional.
• Replacement: Money is available to homeowners to replace their home destroyed in the disaster that is not covered by insurance. The goal is to help the homeowner with the cost of replacing their destroyed home.
• Permanent Housing Construction: Direct assistance or money for the construction of a home. This type of help occurs only in insular areas or remote locations specified by FEMA, where no other type of housing assistance is possible.

Read more: Federal Storm Shelter Grants |

Naturally, the SBA is always lending a hand when needed. To get an idea of the type of assistance they can offer you should check out their website at

My article is to give you another potential opportunity that you might consider depending upon your capabilities.

Things you need to consider before jumping into you pickup and chasing after any opportunities are;

1. What potential housing issues exist for your crews?
2. What logistic issues are there in the area?
3. What competition is already in the area?
4. To be successful; how many people will you need to have on your team?
5. Anytime the government is involved there are tons of paperwork; are you prepared to
deal with it?
6. There is always a money issue so you need to determine how long you can go before getting any return on your efforts?


Remember that anytime you see an opportunity there are prices that have to be paid in order to capitalize on it.

You also need to recognize that you probably have all kinds of opportunities right in your own area.

My articles are intended to get your creative mind working. Hopefully; this article was able to do that for you!