The Need For Skilled Workers Has Returned!
The Need For Skilled Workers Has Returned!

The Need For Skilled Workers Has Returned!

The demand for skilled workers has returned!  It appears to be official because there are several reports in different segments of the country that companies cannot fill the need to complete work that needs to be done.

This is good news because there are a lot of workers that are looking for work; however, they key words are “skilled workers”!Building Blocks

According to the government reports the unemployment rate has dropped to 6.3 per cent in April 2014.  Depending upon how you look at it this could be good news but the problem is that there are a lot of workers that have dropped out of the job market because they just gave up.  The truth of the matter is that there are many workers that do not have the skills that are needed to fill the different positions.

The answer to this problem is we need to develop those skills.  There are apprentice programs that are available and there are also training programs for those that want to learn a trade.

The demand is up and you need to take whatever steps you need to get prepared!

There are several potential issues that could dampen hopes for a return of the job market that existed before the 2008 recession and they are:

  • How is Affordable Health Care Insurance aka “Obama Care” going to affect companies hiring?
  • Are we going to be stuck with thirty (30) hour work week resulting from Obama Care?
  • Rising fuel prices affecting the ability to travel to job sites.
  • Are increasing government regulations going to hamper building construction?   

The bottom line is that to become a potential candidate for the job market you need to learn a trade; more so than a college degree!

Another option is to consider the possibility of starting your own small contracting company.  Please note that I said “small” contracting company.  There is going to be a definite need for the small contracting companies in the very near future.

The smaller companies are going to be able to diversify more easily than larger companies and take the necessary steps to answer the call for help.  If you are able to take your company to the next level and become more professional.  The potential is almost unimaginable!

If you have considered starting your own small contracting company; the time to do it is now!

One of the articles that I saw over the weekend is from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.  You can read it by clicking on the title or clicking here.

Here is a video that you might enjoy about the importance of learning a trade from Mike Rowe of the “Dirty Jobs” television series.

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