Take Steps To Get Your Share Of The Projects That Are Going To Bid

I have been reminding my readers to make sure you are aware of the fact that the fiscal year-end for the government and it’s year end spending spree ends on September 30th.  There are a lot of projects that will be bidding and some may fit your expertise.  You really need to remember that the government has not hit it’s goal to have as many small business contractors participating as they have targeted.

What’s the problem!  Get your hiney in gear and make sure that you check out the opportunities.  If you haven’t got the message please check out www.fbo.gov!

If you have been living in a cave or are unaware the government is planning on major cuts in the budget and this could affect everybody.  We do not know what next year is going to bring so you need to take steps to participate in the projects that are going to market this year!

I ran across an article that was published in the Wall Street Journal that indicates that the one area where the Democrats and Republicans agree on is the need for an accelerated program for infrastructure repairs.  There is money that has not been spent from the last stimulus and will probably go to the year-end spending spree.

I have posted the article below but I want you to take the necessary steps to get your fair share of the work that is available this year!

If you need help; you need to contact us and let me know!

New York Times


Repairing Roads Can End All Kinds of Gridlock

DEMOCRATS and Republicans share less common ground than at any point in living memory, and they are especially divided about our still-ailing economy. When Democrats propose additional economic stimulus, Republicans call for more cuts in government spending and regulation. And even though the effects of the Great Recession are still with us, political gridlock seems set to continue.

Anthony Freda

Yet recent public statements by both President Obama and his probable Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, suggest a way forward. The president has long advocated infrastructure investment as a way to put Americans back to work. For his part, Mr. Romney recently warned that government spending cuts would “slow down the economy,” so he, too, has acknowledged the clear link between spending and employment.

Both men should thus be willing to take the one politically feasible step that could help mend the economy quickly: an accelerated program of infrastructure repairs. People in both parties already agree that these improvements are needed — even apart from their impact on employment.

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