Successful Entrepreneurs: You Just Have to Ride the Bear!

Here is an article that I thought you might find interesting!  It is about the things you need to remember as you start your business on the road to success! Is it easier to start a business today than it was 25 years ago. The emphatic answer was NO! It’s much harder today. Raising capital … Read more

MBDA Reports $6.6 Million To Be Used To Create & Support Business In Indian Country

I came across an article that you might find interesting if you are doing business around Indian Country.  MBDA posted and article that reports there are opportunities that are available that you should research!   $6.6 Million Investment in Indian Country to Create Jobs and Support Businesses On September 14, MBDA announced five winners of … Read more

A Proper Kick-off System Will Insure That Your Project Is Successful

You need to have a proper system in place to insure that your project is successful.  More times than not; you will find that a proper kick-off system and the way you start your project will determine how the entire project will run. If you start off shaky and are unprepared the entire project may … Read more

6 Things A Website Can Do If You Are Serious About Being A Successful Contractor

Contractors are among the most denigrated professionals around.  Most people conjure up thoughts of guys working out of the back of their truck, grubby type individuals with their plumber crack in view whenever they bend over. It’s amazing how many contracting scams occur each year across the country by individuals that are there whenever there … Read more

Before Starting Your Contracting Business – Issues To Consider

It’s amazing that most people do not really go through the thinking process when they contemplate the idea of going into business for themselves!  Before making any hasty decisions you really do some serious thinking!  Sidestep the dreams and wishes; you need to do some research and brainstorming to think about all the pros and … Read more