Avoid Misunderstandings In Your Business Dealings

You need to avoid misunderstandings in your business dealings no matter what it takes.  Mistakes can be corrected with a minimum amount of effort but misunderstandings can end up with somebody getting their feelings hurt or a bloody nose or even worse it could end up ruining a relationship. The best thing to do when … Read more

A Proper Kick-off System Will Insure That Your Project Is Successful

You need to have a proper system in place to insure that your project is successful.  More times than not; you will find that a proper kick-off system and the way you start your project will determine how the entire project will run. If you start off shaky and are unprepared the entire project may … Read more

If You Are Serious About Contracting With The Government Get A Free Education

OK Weedhopper: This is going to be short and sweet! I hope that you have been paying attention to my past tidbits of advice and are going after the government yearend spending spree!  The end of the fiscal year is September 30th.  The thing is that Obama and Washington appears to have no interest in … Read more

Creative Thinking Is A Success Tactic To Be Added To Your Arsenal For Success

Ahh Weedhopper!  Today it is raining hard in beautiful downtown Queen Creek, Arizona and I am going to get deep on you with wisdom that surprises even me!  But I digress—– Creative thinking is essential to be successful in business!  The ability to resolve issues before they develop into problems will often make the difference … Read more

Contracting Is A People Business-Make People Feel Good About Themselves – A Success Tactic

If you really want your contracting business to be successful you need to remember that business is about people. Everybody is important because any business is only as good as its people.  If you do not have good people supporting you and helping you; believe me you are dead in the water. As you grow … Read more