What Is Your Reason For Starting A Business; Is It For A Paycheck Or To Create A Better Life?

What is the reason that you want to start a business; is it to get a paycheck or do you want to create a better life for you and your family? This is a serious question that you need to take some time and do some real soul searching if you are considering starting you … Read more

Taking Advantage Of Opportunities Offered Minority Owned Companies Requires Proper Planning

There are opportunities offered to minority owned businesses.  That’s a fact! The problem or misconception is about the simple concept of ownership.  Ownership does not mean to have a minority member of the company and then proclaim that it is owned by a minority.  Not even if it is 50% owned; to qualify as a … Read more

The Business Plan Is Essential To Finding Financing And The Success Of A Small Business

A recent article from the NY Times reported that under capitalization or the lack of cash is one of the main reasons that most small businesses fail in the first five (5) years so financing should be one of the main considerations the entrepreneur needs to address when entering the business world.  To read that … Read more