FEMA Needs Contractors – Register With CCR Now!

I ran across this article at Virtual-Strategy Magazine and thought about my readers that might be looking for projects.  Once again; this points out the importance of you getting registered with CCR. Yesterday; I posted directions for you to get on board with the Federal Government.  You are missing out on potential opportunities! I know […]

3 Things You Can Do To Profit From The Federal Fiscal Year End For 2012

Ah Weedhopper!  I’m glad you stopped by! The Federal Fiscal Year ends on September 30, 2012.  Are you taking the necessary steps to participate in the government spending spree that goes on every year at this time? Action Steps that you need to  take: Check in periodically to www.fbo.gov to see the latest bid opportunities […]

Mini Real Estate Boom Helped By Government Program

There are business opportunities available for enterprising contractors and astute business people.  One of these opportunities is from the real estate collapse and the properties that have been left vacant. Businesses still need office space or offices and there is financing available for those entrepreneurs that are willing to step up to the plate if […]

Work With Investors For Contracting Opportunities

The economy continues in its slump and the media news keeps telling us how bad things are; the numbers of foreclosures continue to rise and the future looks bleak in most areas. Look past the headlines and do your own research!  Sure; there are problems but with the problems you can find opportunities.  Some areas […]