How To Collect Money From The Client That Refuses To Pay Money Owed On Your Contract

Eventually every contractor will run into the client that ends up being a pain in wallet and refuses to pay even though you did everything right.  What do you do? I have heard many contractors say that you just need to lien the property.  Then I hear others ask what good is a lien against … Read more

Creative Thinking Is A Success Tactic To Be Added To Your Arsenal For Success

Ahh Weedhopper!  Today it is raining hard in beautiful downtown Queen Creek, Arizona and I am going to get deep on you with wisdom that surprises even me!  But I digress—– Creative thinking is essential to be successful in business!  The ability to resolve issues before they develop into problems will often make the difference … Read more

What Is Best Business Structure To Use For Your Minority Business?

There are five (5) basic structures that you can use for your new minority business.  They are: 1. The Sole Proprietorship. 2.  The Partnership. 3.  The Corporation. 4.  The S-Corp. 5.  The Limited Liability Company or the LLC. The following article from Entrepreneur Inc. will describe them further.  The main thing that you need to … Read more