SBA Sets Goals To Have Small Business Included In Contracts

The SBA sets goals to include small businesses in their contract awards each year.  The normal goal is twenty three (23%) percent and they have been unable to reach that goal for several years, although, they are getting closer to reaching it. You need to begin doing whatever is necessary to get your share of … Read more

Federal Government Wants You To Get Some Of The Money

The Federal Government has fallen short of their goals to attract more small businesses  to their market place again! If you are not getting a piece of this pie you are missing out on a lot of opportunities!  I would be interested to know why more businesses are not going after these opportunitiies so please … Read more

SBA Announces New Program To Help Veteran Entrepreneurs

It has been announced that the SBA has a new initiative to help our veterans in their quest to start or expand their businesses.  This is great news so we are providing a copy of the article for your information. SBA Announces New Initiative with Top Lenders To Help Veterans Become Entrepreneurs Lending commitment will … Read more