Is The Future Of The Contracting Industry Going To Be Good Or Bad?

I have been asked this question by many people.   I can definitely give an answer to the question about whether the future of the contracting industry and whether it is going to be good or bad. The answer is YES! The future is entirely in your hands!  It depends upon whether you are going to … Read more

Success Strategy – Prepare For The Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us again.  A strategy that you might consider is to be ready to participate in any emergencies where help is needed. I don’t want to promote the idea of chasing ambulances or catastrophes but when Mother Nature has a PMS moment and people are hurt and emergencies arise help is always … Read more

9 Things To Address To Succeed As A Contractor

It is an established fact that it is a tough competitive world for contractors today.  According to the lame stream media there is very little work for the businesses in the contracting industry. If you are one of the companies that follows the herd and goes after the work that everybody else does; I am … Read more

Success Tactic – Teaming To Win Part Of Government Projects

We all know that the competition for contracting companies is really tough!  A success tactic that subcontractors should consider is to team with a larger company. It makes more sense to get fifty (50) percent of winning a project compared to getting one hundred (100) percent of nothing. There are opportunities in government projects that … Read more