You Need A Good Website For Your Business To Succeed!

In today’s world you need a website in order to be successful! “There are many new customers searching for services provided by local Contractors and Small Business owners every day, but your business may be NOWHERE to be found. Improving your website’s presence on the internet search engines will greatly increase your customer base. The … Read more

Mentors Willing To Help Minorities Succeed!

Entrepreneurs should seek out mentors if you are struggling with your business!  There are many successful businessmen and women that are willing to help enterprising individuals and there are organizations located in almost every major city. Do some research in your area and see what you can find! We would like some feed back to … Read more

Federal Government Wants You To Get Some Of The Money

The Federal Government has fallen short of their goals to attract more small businesses  to their market place again! If you are not getting a piece of this pie you are missing out on a lot of opportunities!  I would be interested to know why more businesses are not going after these opportunitiies so please … Read more