Whoooa! Chinese Firms Chosen Over American Firms To Rebuild California Bridges!

It’s a fact!!  A recent report from ABC where Diane Sawyer affirmed that California has chosen construction companies from China to do work on their infrastructure. So much for keeping jobs in America!  Take a look at the video if you missed it.  Where the hell is the outrage from the rest of the mainstream […]

Small Contractors Missed Opportunities By Ignoring Federal Market!

The Small Business Administration announced that it missed its goal of awarding twenty three (23) per cent of its contracts to small business last year.  They were only able to award 21.7 per cent of their funds to small business contractors.  This is down from 22.7 per cent in 1010. Dollar wise this calculates to […]

9 Things To Address To Succeed As A Contractor

It is an established fact that it is a tough competitive world for contractors today.  According to the lame stream media there is very little work for the businesses in the contracting industry. If you are one of the companies that follows the herd and goes after the work that everybody else does; I am […]

Success Strategy: The Art of Reading for Success – Part II

I believe that the Art of Reading is one of the most important tools that you have in your arsenal for success.  By reading books with information that you can utilize in your business and your everyday life you will be leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. One of the best books for contractors […]