Success Strategy: The Art of Reading for Success – Part 1

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Ah —Weed-hopper,

I am going to share with you one of the true secrets of success.  I find it amusing that most success secrets are really not secrets; they involve known facts that are examined and thought about with your greatest gift,  Your Creative Mind!

Reading is one of the basic courses that are taught in our public schools so you would think that everybody would learn the skill, however, the percentage of graduating students that are skilled at reading is very low.  This is an indictment against our society, value systems and our public schools but it gives an edge to those that are willing to learn and want to be successful.

Studies have shown that almost all truly successful people can read and read well!  I am not saying that being unable to read will completely prohibit the ability to succeed, however, the odds are certainly against true success.  The same can be said about somebody that has the skill and does not read because this is one of the skills that separates the winners from the losers.

There are literally thousands of books on every subject you can think of.  Reading allows you to travel in your mind to places that you will probably never see.  Using your imagination allows you to be part of great adventures and do things that you probably have never thought possible.

The books that have been written by the successful allow you to virtually visit with these people and learn from their words.   Many of these people charge thousands of dollars for their advice and consultations but you can learn a lot by merely opening a book and reading!

Remember; the use of the libraries is free and you can visit as often as you like, take advantage of them.

Like all skills; reading can be improved by constant practice and in your pursuit of success you will find this a great tool to add to your arsenal for achievement!

Developing and using your reading skill and creative thinking can give you an edge over your competitors.   Always look to find where you have an edge over your competition!

How Did An Anglo With Little Training Become A Chinese Kickboxing Champion?

Timothy Ferris was traveling and visiting a friend in China.  His friend was training for a Chinese Kickboxing tournament.  After watching his friend training and reviewing the situation Timothy decided to enter.

He only had four (4) weeks to train and get into fighting shape.

He tells the story in his bestselling book “The 4 Day Work Week”.  In 1999 he won the Chinese Kickboxing National Championship by using his creative thinking and his reading ability.

If you haven’t read the book you are missing an enjoyable ride with a lot of good information.

Let me share this portion of his story with you in his own words:

“I won by reading the rules and looking for loopholes, of which there were two;

1. Weigh-ins were the day prior to competition:  Using dehydration techniques.  I now teach to elite powerlifters, I lost 28 pounds in 18 hours, weighted in at 165 pounds, and then hyperhydrated back to 193  pounds.  It’s hard to fight someone from three weight classes above you.  Poor little guys.

 2. There was a technicality in the fine print:  If one combatant fell off the elevated platform three times in a single round, his opponent won by default. I decided to use this technicality as my single technique and just push people of.  As you might imagine this did not make the judges the happiest Chinese I’ve ever seen.

The result?  I won all of my matches by technical knock-out (TKO) and went home national champion, something 99% of those with 5-10 years of experience had been unable to do.”

There are some that condemn his method of winning the championship but the lesson remains.

Know the rules and find an edge that can make you successful!

As I stated above; you should read this book.  It is filled with a lot of good ideas and it is basically fun!

In the next installment I will show you how reading helped a contractor to out maneuver his competitors to obtain a very lucrative construction project.


Take the time to watch this interview with Tim Ferris.  He discusses different issues involved in starting a business.  The business he is discusses is not contracting, however, the concepts are interesting and your homework is to see how they can relate to your business.

Tim Ferris – “How to start a business”

 I recommend that you read “The 4 Hour Workweek”.

You can purchase the book by clicking on the image!



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