Start A Business – 3 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make When First Starting a Business

Start A Business – 3 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make When First Starting a Business


Expert Author Sonya Ramsey

So you know you’re ready to start your own business. You’re probably very excited and ready to move quickly. But wait. Here are three mistakes you need to avoid when you start your business.

Mistake #1 – Focusing on Logos, Business Card, Branding First. I hear it so often, “I’m starting my business, and I need to get my logo and website done!” I’m not telling you not to focus on “branding” your business at all- just not now. We need to “test” our ideas first. If you spend hundreds, or thousands of dollars hiring someone to design a logo, business card, or even a website, you could lose money fast.

What to do instead: Look for ways to quickly get clients. Once you have money coming into your business, then look to “package” your business with branding.

Now, the best way to get to the cash quickly is to avoid the next two mistakes:

Mistake #2 – Not Crystal Clear on Your Market. This mistake can be a bit controversial. Many times, there is this fear that if you market to a segment of the world, you’re missing out on lots of business. Not true at all! When you aren’t clear on your market, it translates to weak marketing. It also puts you in a bucket of businesses that are forced to compete on pricing. You don’t stand out if you’re just like everyone else.

The benefit of being clear on who your products and services are meant for is a stronger marketing message. If you’re looking, for example to offer massage services to everyone, it puts you in a category with hundreds of thousands of massage therapists. But, if you provide your services to athletes, for example, you marketing becomes stronger because you can craft your marketing for athletes. You can even go deeper- baseball players, or women basketball players.

The more defined your market, the better your chances of being known as the “Go To” person / business in that market.

What to do instead: Spend time considering who you can see yourself being an “ambassador” for. Who do you want to help the most? Where do they live? What demographic are they? Are they married? Single? Divorced? Write this down. Do some journaling. And most of all commit it to prayer.

Mistake #3 – Not Offering a Solution to a Painful Problem. When people buy, and even more, when they pay a premium for something, it’s because they are looking for a help with something they must have. Sometimes, new entrepreneurs are caught up in the excitement of getting out there, without focusing on whether or not the marketplace MUST HAVE what you’re offering.

What to do instead: If you want to better your chances of having a sustainable business, look for ways to create solutions to your market’s desires. Following are just a few ways to find out what they want:

  1. Surveys. You can use free tools such as Survey Monkey, email, Facebook Groups, Linked In to find out what your market really wants.
  2. Interviews. Why not reach out to people who fall in your market and spend some time asking them what their biggest challenges are.
  3. Book Reviews. Go to, and find book titles that fall in your line of business. Read the reviews to hear what people are saying.

Bottom Line?

You need to get clients quickly. Decide who they are and learn what they are looking for.

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