Are You Up To The Challenge Of Becoming An Extra -Ordinary Contractor?

If you are a new company and want to get into the circle of the winners in the construction industry you need to make a decision! You can be an ordinary contractor or you can become an extraordinary contractor.  The choice seems fairly easy but to become extraordinary means you need to become above average.  … Read more

What Is Best Business Structure To Use For Your Minority Business?

There are five (5) basic structures that you can use for your new minority business.  They are: 1. The Sole Proprietorship. 2.  The Partnership. 3.  The Corporation. 4.  The S-Corp. 5.  The Limited Liability Company or the LLC. The following article from Entrepreneur Inc. will describe them further.  The main thing that you need to … Read more

SBA Honors Minority Owned Modular Construction Company

The Dallas/Ft. Worth District of the Small Business Administration has named its Minority Small Business of the year.  They announced that James Bell III, president, of Icon Construction best exemplifies the achievements that are possible today.  The SBA bases its award on recognizing exemplary minority businesses and their accomplishments and best practices. In spite of … Read more

SBA – News Release For Region IX – 2012

My office received this notice from the SBA!  Hope the informatoin helps! Welcome to the Spring Edition of the Pacific Region Quarterly!  Region IX, which includes California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Guam and the Pacific territories, continues to lead the way on SBA lending, with more than $2.2 billion loaned so far this fiscal year!  Overall, … Read more