New Ways To Deal With The Economy

David Lupberger over at Remodel has a tremendous article about the challenges that we are facing to day.  If you are a remodeling contractor I believe that you will find it motivating, however, his perspective on the industry is interesting and you should take some notes

Also, his article will point you to some very interesting videos that should help you in you marketing and management in your business.

That’s what we are about!  Finding you materials to make you a winner!.

David LupbegerAdapting to the New Economy
By David Lupberger  –

The economy has shifted. We can only guess if and when it will return to its former robust self. Most remodelers with project-driven business models are struggling because homes are not going up in value and the real estate market is stagnant. With stagnant home values, homeowners are much more cautious. Simply, they are not calling about projects they had once planned to do.

In the last 4 years, we have gone from a marketplace where there was more demand than supply (sales came easily), to an economy where there is more supply than demand. Remodeling contractors are competing with home builders who now call themselves Remodelers, along with desperate contractors willing to work for wages just to pay their bills.

It’s a tough market, and complaining about it doesn’t accomplish much. Complaining about this marketplace is like complaining that you are over-weight, but not exercising more and eating less. This is the present marketplace. It is what it is. What’s the answer?  When there is a dramatic shift in the market like this, you must amend and add to your business model.

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