New Rule To Help You Get Paid Faster From The Government Contracts

UNCLE SAMThere are many opportunities available in the government sector!  I always preach about getting your fair share so please take some time and think about the possibilities!

People hear horror stories about doing work for the government; two of these include:

  • Slow pay.

  • Mountains of paperwork to get through a project.

Both of these items can be dealt with if you develop some working systems within your company.

Consider this; the competition is less because many companies do not bid government work because of the paper work.  You can easily learn this and make it one of your strengths!

Slow pay!  Guess what!

A new rule has been passed that allows subcontractors to get on the fast track to get their pay!  You can read more about the new rule by clicking here!

One of the keys to success in business is to have a well rounded marketing plan.  We recommend that smart business owners have a diversified marketing plan that includes the government, commercial and private market.

Anything that is considered as a challenge by others should be a sign of opportunities to you!

We’ll be offering advice about strategies and tactics to take your company to the next level very soon!



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