Interested In Marketing Tactic For Government Projects? Check This Out!

Targetgov is a resource that you should use if you are serious about working with the Federal Government.  I have added them to my list on the resource page.

When you get a chance you should visit their website and see all the valuable information that they offer.  Yeah, not all the information is free but you will find your visit worthwhile.

“How To Sell To Government Agencies”

Government doesn’t buy products and services, people do.
Every level of government is comprised of people who buy goods and services all the time, both outside of and inside the normal bid, contract and RFP process.  They are spending billions of dollars annually. No matter what the economy, the government is always buying. To the tune of over $240 billion for Federal Government agencies and over $200 billion for state, county, city and other municipal government agencies.

How NOT to sell successfully to government
Contractors who wait for RFPs to be issued or the bidding process to begin before revving up their marketing machinery will find themselves empty handed more often than not. They waste hundreds of hours responding to bids and RFPs without winning the b

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They published some information that is titled “Successful Marketing Tactics for Government Contracts” that I think you will find interesting.  You can check that out by clicking here Marketing To Government_DOE_Successful_Marketing_Tactics_final

Again, check them out.  This is an unsolicited recommendation and I do not receiving anything for recommending them.  I sincerely think they might be a valuable resource for you!

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