How To Get Help Finding Contracting Leads

One of the biggest challenges that contractors face today is finding good contracting leads.  The slow economy has caused a lot of companies to put their expansion plans on the self until there is more stability.

This has made the competition tougher.  There are fewer projects and the big dogs are going after them like a bunch of junk yard dogs fighting over a bone.  As a smaller contracting company you might not be aware of all the work that is being bid.

A tactic that you should use to get access to the bid information is to contact the firms that are set up to help minority contractors; ask them to subscribe to services that will make the bid documents available.

There are bid services available all over the country.  One company that I know about is The Blue Book Building and Construction Network.

The firms that are set up to help minority contractors are funded by grant money that they get from the Federal Government so they should be able to use some of their Grant money to help you.

Go to Google and search for those Minority consulting firms in your area.  They should be listed under minority consulting.  You can also contact the city where you are doing business and ask about the firms set up to help you.

If they are unwilling to help you; you need to contact your senator and representative and ask that they take steps to insure that you have access to the information necessary to survive.

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