How Efficient Are You In Your Take-offs?

One of the major issues affecting contractors’ success is that they need to bid a lot of projects in order to land one.  If you are lucky; you might get one out of every 5 you bid!  Unfortunately, there are many contractors that are not even hitting that percentage.

If you are like a lot of smaller contractors you have to do your take-offs at the end of the day after spending a full day running your projects.

Most have to make sure their crews are at the jobs and that the materials are on site as planned.  The rest of the day is spent making jobsite visits, meeting with potentail clients and picking up blue-prints on projects that you’re planning to bid.

If you are not using your computer to do your take-offs and estimates you need to take note!

What if you could do more take-offs in less time?  Time that you could spend with your family!  Wouldn’t that be great?

What if you didn’t have to run all over town to pick up blueprints and then spend the time to return them when you were done?

Think about the time and the money you would save!

I have run across a good estimating program that is affordable and really user friendly.  Even if you are a total caveman at the computer you can use this software within a short period of time.

There are tutorials that can walk you through to get you up and running within minutes and they also have technicians that are also on hand to help if you get high centered.

The internet allows you to receive the project plans via email and you can download them right to your computer.  Most of the testimonials that I have seen indicate that the users have been able to increase their speed by up to 10 times what they could do before using the software.

The best thing is the cost!  They offer several plans that are affordable.  One plan is a cost of $18.00 per week!  This is less than it costs to fill up a pick up truck’s gas tank!

How many times do you have to fill up your gas tank each week?

The thing is you can take it for a 14 day free test drive to see if it fits your bidding style.

Click on the image for your free 14 day trial!  If you do not like it what can you lose?

To take a look at the website and all the information please click here!

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