Finding The Opportunities That Will Propel You To Success!
Finding The Opportunities That Will Propel You To Success!

Finding The Opportunities That Will Propel You To Success!

How do you go about finding opportunities that will propel you and your company to success?

There are opportunities everywhere in the business and contracting community but you are not going to find them lying along the street curb.  It amazes me that there are so many people crying in their beer and lamenting about how few jobs there are.

The thing is; you cannot go where everybody else is looking for work.  Have you ever gone fishing along a creek, a river or a lake close to town?

fishing in a crowd 1Usually you will find people lined up along the shore shoulder to shoulder talking and drinking beer like they have good sense.  Later on they will go home talking about what a lousy day for fishing it was.

Meanwhile a couple of miles away from everybody else where the terrain is a little more challenging you will find a guy that is having the time of his life.  He is enjoying the peace and quiet along with the beautiful scenery and pulling in fish after fish until he gets his limit.

The same general strategy applies to business and the contracting arena when you are looking for work.

We are living in a time where the environment is unfriendly to the professional that follows the crowd.

Individualism and creative thinking will give you a tremendous advantage if you are willing to accept the challenge!

The technology that we have today will allow us to work where ever we want, whenever we want and in places you never thought about.  You do not have to necessarily go where the work is!

The old Indian Tribes had their buffalo scouts and their hunting parties.  They didn’t sit in their teepees hoping the buffalo or deer would wander past their village.

No!  They had to go and find their food in order to feed the village.

Today, we don’t have to wander around because we have technology that if used right can help in your pursuit of finding good jobs for yourself and your company. Unfortunately, there is a price to pay because you need to know what you need and how to use it.  You need to know what skills are needed!

Then you have to know where to begin looking.

This involves preparation!  You have only yourself to blame if you do not take responsibility and make you and your company are marketable!

There are many free courses offered on the internet. Have you checked out Udemy? There are many free courses and other courses are offered for a very low price. The thing is you can educate yourself at your own speed!

Udemy’s website greets you with a message that says “Your place to learn real world skills online”!

Check it out when you get the chance; you will not regret it!

You should do a self analysis on yourself and your company. Are you really prepared to take the next step to achieve success?

One of the recommended analyses that you should do is the SWOT analysis.  In it you will analyze your strengths, your weaknesses, the opportunities that are available and the potential threats that you face.

Here is an image that depicts an exsample of the kind of things you should look at.
SWOT GOODImage from

Most experts recommend that you concentrate on your strengths but you need to be aware of your weaknesses. You need to have somebody to handle the areas where you are weak!   Basically; make sure you are covered!

There is a real need for more professionals and people with skills in all industries!

Here is a recent telecast from 6o minutes that demonstrates the need for people with skills.

Brain Storming Idea!

After watching the “60 minutes” clip about the shortage of skilled help; why not do some research and see how you can help these companies that are looking for people to fill those skilled job openings?   Perhaps you could provide a method to find candidates and work out a method to get them trained.

Create a way to capitalize on your services to make some money!

The Affordable Health Care AKA “Obama Care”.

Nobody will disagree that affordable health care should be available to all American citizens, however, a government controlled system is not going to provide it.  Government has  a long record of being inefficient!  Look at the mess that the VA Health Care System is!

The larger immediate issue that is going to arise from “Obama-Care” is the impact it is going to have on the private sector businesses and their ability to provide affordable health care programs for their employees.

To avoid the problem many companies are discontinuing the employee health care programs along with reducing the number of hours worked by the employees.  The end result is we are going to become a nation of part time workers.

Wherever You Find A Problem You Will Find A Potential Opportunity!

This is another potential brainstorming opportunity for you!  The larger companies are going to be downsizing to reduce costs to avoid the impact of the “Affordable Health Care Act”

The answer to any question is to really understand the question and problem!

Hint:  How are the issues touched upon going to impact smaller businesses and the individual?

Your answers can provide a tremendous amounts of opportunities for you!

This coupled with the increase of the minimum wage will put demands on all companies to become more effective and this will reduce the hiring of untrained employees with no experience.  The cost to teach an untrained worker will make it almost prohibitive to hire new workers with no skills.

The Push For A Higher Minimum Wage.

The news media is covering stories about people wanting a higher minimum wage. They and most uniformed people do not seem to recognize the impact this is going to have upon every company in the United States that is trying to make a profit.

Wages will ultimately go up but the costs for everything else will rise along with the wages.

The end result is going to be less unskilled people being hired!  The “60 Minute Clip” supported the claim that it will be harder for unskilled workers to enter the workforce.

This short video gives you an idea of what an increase in the minimum wage really means.

This issue in itself will create a huge void that will need to be filled with people and small companies that has the basic skills to complete the work needed.

Our nation is becoming one that favors the individual and the small companies!

There are going to be an unbelievable number of opportunities if you are prepared and you know where to look!

Once you find where the work is; you need to be prepared to do the work and be aware of all the challenges you must overcome.

Success will truly come to those that are prepared meets the opportunities that are coming!  Your creative thinking, preparation and business knowledge will propel you and your business to success!

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