Creative Thinking Is A Success Tactic To Be Added To Your Arsenal For Success

Ahh Weedhopper!  Today it is raining hard in beautiful downtown Queen Creek, Arizona and I am going to get deep on you with wisdom that surprises even me!  But I digress—–

Creative thinking is essential to be successful in business!  The ability to resolve issues before they develop into problems will often make the difference between making and losing money on a project.

An issue is something that can be resolved with just a small amount of analyzing and developing an approach to correct it and get on with business.

A problem is something that cannot be resolved easily and may involve calling in the big dogs, consultants and attorneys.  It is in the best interest of everybody to head off the issues before they grow into profit eating problems!

Communication and discussions are the most important first steps and most issues can be resolved in an easy manner, however, if you cannot resolve the issue easily you need to have a definite system to find a realistic solution.

The steps to consider are:

  1. Write down a complete description of the issue.
  2. Determine what caused the issue.  Is the issue a personality or a communication caused?
  3. Sit down in a quiet environment and brainstorm to find a solution.  During this process there are no dumb ideas!  Write everything down and review all the approaches.
  4. Step back if you do not find an immediate solution and let your subconscious mind work for a time.
  5. Do not give up immediately if you don’t come up with an immediate solution!
  6. Have open discussions with everybody involved and get feedback to find a solutioin.
  7. You should do whatever possible to keep your issue from developing into a problem.

Use every issue resolving process as a lesson to be added to your ever expanding guide in your B.S. degree at “Screw U the University Of Hard Knocks.”

The thing about using your creative thinking ability is that it could be the tool to make you a fortune!  Analyze every project you are working on and you might stumble upon a way to do something more efficiently to add to your profit margin.

Always be vigilant; you never know when you will see something that will inspire you to develop a system to improve upon the way things are done.

To give you an idea how creative thinking can help you on your road to success take a look at the parable about Bruno and Pablo.  It’s a short video that I hope you enjoy!

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