Choosing Contracting Software – Things To Consider!

In order to keep up with the competition you need to have a good estimating and bidding system, unfortunately, you really should enter the modern era and use your computer and get or develop a good system.  It is important to not only have a system that is accurate but you also need a system that is fast.

There are many software systems that are available and you may be thinking about finding a ready made system  that you can find that will work well with your M.O.

I found an article that I believe will give you some things to consider while you are shopping for that perfect system.

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date icon4 / 29 / 2012 ,tag iconConstruction Software, Construction Industry

Contractors preparing to make the transition from spreadsheets and legal pads to professionalconstruction estimating software are faced with an intimidating selection of various construction estimating software. With dozens of solutions running the gamut in quality, prices and features, how can you select the correct construction estimating software for your business?

The first step in slimming down the number of choices is to identify your required features. Common requirements might include:

  • Detailed or professional costbooks for government and commercial work
  • Level of detail
  • Integration with your accounting software
  • The ability to generate proposals, bids and reports from estimates
  • Platform: Desktop vs Web-based

Make a list of your desired features and compare products against it to narrow your choices down to a few construction software candidates. Once you’ve got your list, call each vendor and request detailed pricing information. After all, if the construction software you’re interested in is outside your price range there isn’t much use in giving it a trial run.

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Hopefully, this article will give you some food for thought before making a major purchase for any software.

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