Successful Entrepreneurs: You Just Have to Ride the Bear!

Here is an article that I thought you might find interesting!  It is about the things you need to remember as you start your business on the road to success! Is it easier to start a business today than it was 25 years ago. The emphatic answer was NO! It’s much harder today. Raising capital … Read more

Are You Aware Of The New Online Application For The 8(a) Program?

The 8(a) program under the SBA is one of the best programs to help small disadvantaged businesses.  It has helped many disadvantaged entrepreneurs become competitive businesses in the business world. If you are struggling in today’s sluggish economy you should check out the possibility  qualifying for the program. I believe you will find this article … Read more

Creative Thinking & Networking Can Still Help Your Business Grow

Creative thinking and networking has resulted in a Hispanic business grow with the help of HBIF.  Juan and Marcela Anagarita were able to expand their business and they are a true success story. Tampa Bay Business Journal has posted a story that I think you will find very interesting. Hispanic businesses growing with HBIF help … Read more

What Is The Future Of The Construction Industry?

A recent report was published  by the ASA that is titled “What Does The Future Of The Construction Industry Look Like? I have enclosed some of the more important items for your review and I am giving you my opinion on the various notes. “ The Rap Council anticipates for example, that the price of commodities will … Read more

Interested In Marketing Tactic For Government Projects? Check This Out!

Targetgov is a resource that you should use if you are serious about working with the Federal Government.  I have added them to my list on the resource page. When you get a chance you should visit their website and see all the valuable information that they offer.  Yeah, not all the information is free … Read more