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Belief And Persistence -Tools For Success!

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Belief and persistence are two (2) of the most powerful tools that you can have for success! You must believe in yourself and have the persistence to move towards your goal whenever you get knocked down. Everybody gets knocked down once in a while when they are trying to reach a goal that many consider […]

Become An Sdb To Find Opportunities!


Why be an Sdb enterprise?  There are many opportunities that are available if you can qualify your business as one!  Have you ever looked into the possibility of qualifying as an Sdb enterprise? You really need to research the opportunities if you want to succeed in our floundering economy!   Photo by Pixabay What is […]

Minority Businesses Being Shut Out!

An interesting article was recently posted at and I am posting it for your information.  It references the decline of the equal opportunity act in the contracting sector in the state of Colorado. This news may not be of much interest to many of you BUT it might affect you in the long run.  […]