Contracting Is A People Business-Make People Feel Good About Themselves – A Success Tactic

If you really want your contracting business to be successful you need to remember that business is about people. Everybody is important because any business is only as good as its people.  If you do not have good people supporting you and helping you; believe me you are dead in the water. As you grow … Read more

Planswift – A Tool To Get You An Edge Over Your Competition

I have recommended the Planswift digital take-off software if you need to do more estimates and only have a limited amount of time to do them. The software is easy to use.  You can speed up your take-off time by at least 10 times.  Best of all the program is affordable; especially if you have … Read more

Use Imagination And Perceived Image To Propel You To Success

In the everyday course of business events you meet strangers and they may or may not become part of your business circle.  When you meet somebody new; one of the first questions that comes to mind is “who are you?”  The flippant answer that comes to mind is “what you see is what you get!” … Read more

11 Ways To Be More Competitive – Part 1

Competition is part of life and according to Darwin, only the strong survive!  Luckily business is not a life or death event, even though; at times it may feel like it. The economy has made competition in today’s business world tougher than ever!  In order to survive and prosper we need to find ways to … Read more