Federal Government Wants You To Get Some Of The Money

The Federal Government has fallen short of their goals to attract more small businesses  to their market place again! If you are not getting a piece of this pie you are missing out on a lot of opportunities!  I would be interested to know why more businesses are not going after these opportunitiies so please … Read more

Want To Know Where The Contracting Jobs Are?

How Contractors Raked in $385 Billion to Build and Support Bases Abroad since 2001 Outside the United States, the Pentagon controls a collection of military bases unprecedented in history. With U.S. troops gone from Iraq and the withdrawal from Afghanistan underway, it’s easy to forget that we probably still have about 1,000 military bases in other peoples’ … Read more

If You Are Serious About Contracting With The Government Get A Free Education

OK Weedhopper: This is going to be short and sweet! I hope that you have been paying attention to my past tidbits of advice and are going after the government yearend spending spree!  The end of the fiscal year is September 30th.  The thing is that Obama and Washington appears to have no interest in … Read more