What Is The Future Of The Construction Industry?

A recent report was published  by the ASA that is titled “What Does The Future Of The Construction Industry Look Like? I have enclosed some of the more important items for your review and I am giving you my opinion on the various notes. “ The Rap Council anticipates for example, that the price of commodities will … Read more

Challenges Are Coming But Opportunities Will Be Available To The Prepared!

Contractors are going to face many new challenges now that the elections are over because the Obama administration is not very small business friendly! I don’t care whether you are Democrat or Republican; our nation is facing many issues that are going to affect all of us! The immediate future is going to be interesting! … Read more

MBDA Reports $6.6 Million To Be Used To Create & Support Business In Indian Country

I came across an article that you might find interesting if you are doing business around Indian Country.  MBDA posted and article that reports there are opportunities that are available that you should research!   $6.6 Million Investment in Indian Country to Create Jobs and Support Businesses On September 14, MBDA announced five winners of … Read more