Are You Up To The Challenge Of Becoming An Extra -Ordinary Contractor?

If you are a new company and want to get into the circle of the winners in the construction industry you need to make a decision!

You can be an ordinary contractor or you can become an extraordinary contractor.  The choice seems fairly easy but to become extraordinary means you need to become above average.  You need to become the kind of person that is not willing to accept “Good enough!”  You need to raise the bar for yourself and achieve what you only dreamed about in the past.

It’s easy to say that you want to become better than average but there is a lot of work and effort that will separate you from the pack.  Remember – There is the Best and then there are all the rest!

The secret to being among the best is really no secret.  It is only a personal commitment to become a professional.

“Before you can be; you must become;” I find it amusing that people are called human beings when we are really humans in transition.  That is we are evolving; changing for the better or for the worst.  We do this throughout our lives.  The fact remains that before you can be successful you must become successful!

Each year we hear of people being scammed by individuals going door to door and offering to do work very cheap.  The scammers end up using cheap materials and doing shoddy work.

The thing I always ask myself is why do people fall for the scam?  Why do people accept offers from people going door to door?  Would you?

Back up and take a serious look at your own company.  Why would anybody want to do business with you?

1. Do you have a business license?

2. Do you have a contracting license?

3. Do you have references in the local community?

4. Do you have a website?  This one will become critical in the future so you need to plan for it!

5. Do you have any pictures of past projects?

The thing about the future is it is changing at an incredible pace.  In order to prosper you need to be creative, flexible and use futuristic thinking.

Most contractors live from project to project with little thought about the future.  This is not the MO of the true professional.  They have a game plan that is going to make sure they not only survive but prosper.

Most of the people are complaining about the economy and how bad things are.  Why?   Sure!  Things are not as good as they could be but there are opportunities out there you just need to be creative and develop a real game plan to succeed.

I saw a report that demonstrates what I am saying.

“Fact:  The U.S. Government owns and manages over 990,000* buildings across the country and the US Dept. of Agriculture has over 11,000+ buildings.  They plan to repair over 2,500 parking areas, and replace more than 300 roofs and over 550 HVAC systems every year.

These are just a few of the opportunities that are coming—“

In future entries I will be offering some advice and news that I hope will help you.

I hope that you accept the challenge to become extraordinary! 

WL Reidhead © Minority Contracting Success

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