This website is published by ICan Solutions.  ICan Solutions  is a consulting company and we have helped our clients achieve outstanding success.  Our clientele is very limited because we only offer our services to a select few that are truly dedicated to success; failure is not an option.  We do not have time to deal with those that are not serious about success.  The qualification requirements for our services are very strict and not everybody can qualify.

My staff and I have been in the contracting industry for over thirty (30) years.  We’ve made a lot of money, had a lot of fun and met many interesting people along the way and hope that we can offer some tips and tactics that might help you.

The original intent of this website was to help the small dbe contractors starting out in the contracting business; however, it dawned on us that if you are researching and looking for a way to succeed in business maybe we can help you too!

We have also discovered that the Wounded Warriors have also been designated as a minority group. So we now are reaching out to help those that have sacrificed so much to keep our country safe and help maintain our way of life.

We will offer information that is both valuable and timely, however, you will occasionally find materials where we receive payments.  This is done to offset the costs of production.

The thing that I love about construction is that it is either right or it is wrong; there are no gray areas.  You either do the work pursuant to the Project Blue Prints and Specifications or you try to cut corners.  If you are smart you will not cut corners!

I have always liked the projects that had tough professional inspectors assigned for the duration of a project.  It was another part of the team to insure the project was done as planned.

I hope to do my part to raise the bar on professionalism in the construction industry.  There are never enough of good professional people in the contracting business.  Time and the economy will slowly but surely drive out those that are not professional.

The truly successful people are those that realize they are business people in the construction industry not contractors in business.  The future will soon separate the business people in the industry from the tradesmen that take the business portion in a hit or miss fashion.

In future articles we will be offering bits of information, advice along with recommendations concerning opportunities.  Most people view things that are given freely as worthless.  There are some that will say “advice is only worth what you pay for it.

That being said I hope that you read and watch with an open mind and find some of the advice worthwhile.  I sincerely want to help you succeed!

We do not actively seeking new clients but if you have an issue that you need help with you can e-mail us at Icansolutions@q.com.

Describe the issue and if we think we can help we set a time to discuss your issue.

Succeed and prosper,


Monk with Wisdom


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