A Proper Kick-off System Will Insure That Your Project Is Successful
A Proper Kick-off System Will Insure That Your Project Is Successful

A Proper Kick-off System Will Insure That Your Project Is Successful

You need to have a proper system in place to insure that your project is successful.  More times than not; you will find that a proper kick-off system and the way you start your project will determine how the entire project will run.

If you start off shaky and are unprepared the entire project may be one of those where you encounter unforeseen issues that can jeopardize the success of your project.  You will need to take measures to regain control and regroup.

Have you ever been in the cockpit of an airplane prior to take-off?  You will see the pilot with a clipboard and going through a detailed procedure, checking off items that must be operational before moving onto the runway.  This is a mandatory procedure that pilots go through before they take-off.

I have to admit that the first time I witnessed this procedure I almost opted out of the trip.  Once I had to charter a plane for an important business meeting in an isolated area and didn’t have much time to get there.  As the pilot began the preflight procedure I questioned what he was doing (it concerned me that he had to read the instructions to start the plane).  He explained that all pilots go through that procedure to insure all systems are working properly.

The trip was successful and I learned a valuable lesson that I later incorporated into our business operational systems!  I’m a big believer in systems; you should establish them into your company operations!  They will help eliminate the possibilities of missing an important item.

We all tend to take things for granted and believe that everything will automatically fall into place; unfortunately they seldom do.

Every project should be treated individually and have a separate checklist that needs to be completed before beginning.  The list of items in your checklist should include such things as:

  • Do you have the proper amount and kind of insurance required?
  • Do you have the proper licenses that are required?
  • Do you have your bonding requirements in place?
  • Is your team completely informed about the project?
  • Are your OSHA requirements in place?
  • Have the submittal requirements been met?

This should give you an idea of what I recommend!

Take nothing for granted; the success or failure of your project may depend upon how you handle the kickoff of your projects.

Projects that start successfully usually end successfully!

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