A New Resource Has Been Added

We have added a new resource for you that we believe will help you on your road to success.  TargetGov offers a lot of free webinars and other resources that can help.  So when you get a chance pay a visit to their site.

TargetGov is the first comprehensive resource that gives your company the tools and the guidance to locate and contact the correct government buyers for your category of product or service. The Government Buyers Guide combines federal, state, county and municipal agencies in one easy-to-search Guide.

In 30 seconds you can locate thousands of specific people and agencies – those people who buy what you sell. Why spend hundreds of hours researching the Internet for old, outdated information? Spend your valuable time actually contacting the people who buy what you sell, not looking for them.

We are here to help you develop an effective marketing process to increase your sales to all levels of government agencies. You can use this invaluable information to operate just like the most successful contractors do: both inside and outside of the formal bidding and RFP process. Not sure what this is about? Sign up for our e-newsletter for tips and techniques to market effectively to the government.

At the heart of TargetGov is the world’s first Government Buyers Guide, an exclusive directory of the people in government responsible for purchasing specific categories of products and services. These government buyers, purchasing agents and procurement personnel are at the federal, state, county, and even municipal levels.

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