11 Ways To Be More Competitive – Part 1

Competition is part of life and according to Darwin, only the strong survive!  Luckily business is not a life or death event, even though; at times it may feel like it.

The economy has made competition in today’s business world tougher than ever!  In order to survive and prosper we need to find ways to be more productive and creative.  I’m going to offer eleven (11) tips that you should consider to help you become  more competitive.

I’m going to have to break down the information into several articles so you will have to bear with me but I would like to devote enough attention to each item and I do not want to overwhelm you with a bunch of information that may seem redundant.

To get right to the point; I believe the eleven (11) areas you need to consider to become more competitive are the following:

1. Know your competition. Bet you heard this one before but bear with me because it’s important!
2. Know yourself.
3. Know your business
4. Create Systems.
5. Know the rules.
6. Know and use the available technology.
7. Find your competitive edge.
8. Know the area where the project will be taking place.
9. Integrate supply chain logistics.
10. Use pre-fabrication wherever possible.
11. Utilize cash discounts.

In sports, business and life competition is a fact of life.  In any competition you better know your competitor or competitors.  Knowing your competition and how they operate will allow you to alter your thinking and actions to deal with them.  Only by knowing your competitor can you realistically manipulate your numbers in your proposal to get the winning bid?


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